Welcome to Vernon Giverny

A piece of Heaven
located in the north of France

Introducing guests
to the unique Vernon

Whether you want to explore the beautiful canton of Vernon or the stunning Giverny, this is your opportunity to explore the French lifestyle at its finest. Located in the northern part of the country, it will provide a good feeling of what life feels like in Normandy.

Explore the local cuisine, the astonishing nature and a chilled lifestyle that you will not find anywhere else – be it in France or the entire Europe.

Our business aims to provide a full experience. While we can help you find accommodation, we are specialized in providing access to local attractions, organizing adventurous trips and showing you what makes Vernon so special.

Although the place has a rich heritage and lots of natural places to visit, you can also admire the classic French architecture.


Join an adventure

Our diversified adventures represent the strength of our company. Vernon may not be rich in landmarks, but it features old streets with timber houses almost 1,000 years old. Our guides will take you to each street and give you more details about its history.

Discover more adventures

What to know
before coming to Vermont

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding Vernon and Giverny. Feel free to contact us if you require more information.



What to bring

If you visit between June and August, you only need summer clothes. During spring and autumn, you might need a blazer or a jacket for evenings, while winter asks for thick coats.

Where to stay

There are a few cozy hotels and “maisons” in Vernon. Most of them are cozy and built in the boutique style for a more comfy experience.



What to visit

Visit the old town, local archives and a few landmarks. It is worth taking a walk on Seine's shores as well – there is nothing more relaxing than that.

What documents you need

If you have an EU citizenship, you need any kind of photo ID. If you come from out of the EU, double check with the local French embassy.

Got more questions? Not sure about something in particular?
Feel free to get in touch with our guides for more details.

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